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At startup Authors, our purpose is to help businesses to grow. We do this by creating content and sharing ideas that matter to small and medium-scale businesses.

We believe in the power of good storytelling. You may have a great product, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t tell a compelling story about how you can help your potential customers. And you need to get those stories in front of the right people. We help you do just that — by creating content that helps your customers to succeed.

Our posts cover the core areas of marketing, digital marketing, business tools and business, providing you with insightful knowledge to enable you to make more impactful business decisions that enable your startup to become a leader within its space.

Isioto Inyanam - Startup Authors
Inyanam Isioto - Lead consultant and Editor-in-chief

Our team of brand strategists and copywriters create insightful, flexible briefs that get you to the heart of how to communicate with your audience. These briefs form the foundation of ideas for your content assets and ensure that they are on-message and on-brand. Content designed to build trust, establish authority, create emotional connections and inspire action. Whether it’s content that captures the essence of your personal brand or a marketing campaign that raises awareness of a social issue, our work is designed to make a positive impact. If it’s not serving people, why do it?

Stay informed with the must-read articles from the marketing and startup world, curated by Startup Authors. We are driven by data and research, motivated to hone our craft as entrepreneurs or marketers.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel informed and inspired, and we work hard to bring you the best informational tools available to get the edge on your business or dream startup. And that’s why we’re making it easier for you to access and take advantage of our content by providing indepth, reliable content through our website.