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How to Become an Affiliate with Amazon

How to Become an Affiliate with Amazon
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By The Editorial team

If you want to become an affiliate with Amazon, this article is for you. Before we start, let’s just get the legal stuff out of the way – yes, it IS possible to make a full-time living by becoming an affiliate with Amazon. And no, it isn’t as simple as adding your affiliate links on every blog post and website you create. Becoming an affiliate isn’t always a straight copy and paste route, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to making a full-time living working from home.

Getting started with the Amazon affiliates program

The Amazon Associates Program as it is popularly known is the affiliate program run by Amazon. It was started in 1996 and has since grown into one of the largest affiliate programs on the internet. In fact, it is one of only two affiliate programs that make up over 1% of all e-commerce sales worldwide. This makes joining their program a very attractive proposition for anyone looking for additional income or wanting to start their own business online.
To become an Amazon affiliate, you need to sign up for their program and then you will be given your own unique link which you can use on your website or social media accounts. When someone clicks on that link and then buys something from Amazon, you get a commission from that sale.
Requirements of the Amazon Associates Program:
Before you hop on to Amazon Associates website to sign up, be sure to read and digest their guidelines and terms and conditions, as this will help you stay compliant and avoid any potential trouble in future.
Amazon pays its affiliates a percentage of every sale made through their affiliate links. This varies and depends on the product being purchased. Although commissions for products in the Luxury and beauty niche can go as high as 10%.
Anyone from almost any country can join the Amazon Associates Program. except people who reside in Russia, Ukraine, Iran, North Korea and South Sudan.
Amazon says that associates must have a working website with content relevant to their niche. And links cannot be used in emails, PDFs and ebooks. They also require you to disclose your relationship with them in order to remain compliant. You can do so by adding a disclaimer on your site or using text links.
You can only use one link per product, which means that if you want more than one commission from a sale, you will need multiple sites. This is why most affiliates use more than one site, as it makes it easier for them to get multiple commissions from each sale they make.
Another important point is that if someone buys something through your affiliate link and then returns it within 30 days, you won’t get paid for that sale. They do have a 24 hours cookies policy. This means that you won’t get paid if someone clicks your affiliates link by 7AM today, and makes a purchase by 9AM the next day.

Setting up your account for success

To become a successful Amazon associate, you most likely need a website with content about a product niche. You’ll also want to set up tracking links for your affiliate links and create individual landing pages for each product. For example, if you sell video games on your site, it would be wise to create individual landing pages for each game that features both your affiliate link and a banner image of that game.
This way, when someone clicks on your link and purchases something from Amazon, they will receive commission on their purchase as well as credit toward their future purchases if they make one within 24 hours of clicking through.
Content that really do well with affiliates marketing are reviews of products, comparison between two or more similar products and buying guides. For example, if you want to promote a product on your site, you could write a review about it and then include your affiliate link at the end.
Before writing any content for your site, you should check out what type of content does best for other affiliates in your niche. You can use various tools such as SEMrush, SpyFu and Google Keyword Planner which show you what type of content is doing best in Google search results for specific keywords.
If you aren’t sure about what niche to write on, simply type a keyword that is related to the niche you are interested in on Amazon’s search bar and you will get a glimpse of how popular the niche is, and how many products you can sell. The goal here is to offer valuable advice to potential buyers and intersect them in time so they can buy their products through your link on Amazon.

Signing up

To sign up for the Amazon Associates Program, you need to fill out a few forms on the Amazon’s Associates page, and provide details about your website.
Filling the required details is pretty easy. Just add your name, email, and other details that are required and you are good to go. Amazon will usually give you a unique code that’s embedded on your site and links back to their service. This makes it easy for anyone who clicks on it to access whatever they want without having to leave your site. Of course, if anyone buys something through that link, you earn a commission based on how much they spent.
You will also need to fill in your bank details and tax information to be eligible to receive payments from Amazon. You can choose to be paid via Amazon gift cards, direct deposit or check. If you decide to get paid via check, make sure you link a working bank account in the same name you registered with. A personal savings or checking account will work just fine.
Note that payment of your commissions is not immediate; you will have to wait for 60 days after every calendar month to receive your earnings for that month. This means that your earnings in January will be paid at the end of March (or early April, if February has only 28 days).
Once you sign up as an Amazon associate, you will only be allowed access to the program if your site is deemed appropriate. You may have your account closed without notice if there are content issues, copyright or trademark infringements on your site. Also, you need to make a sale within 180 days from the day you first signed up. This is a mandatory requirement to be confirmed as an Amazon associate. If you fail to make any sale within the 180 days period, then your application will be withdrawn from the program, and your account will be closed.

Accessing your link

After you have successfully become an affiliate with Amazon, you will be able to log into your dashboard. There, you will have access to all the links you need to promote products on Amazon.
To begin, check out the product linking tab to find links for various products. This is where you can customize banner ads, native shopping ads, and even create a link to any product page on Amazon using Sitestripe – Amazon’s proprietary link creation tool.
The promotions tab houses Idea Hub – where you find ideas, promotions and events on Amazon, The Amazon Bounty Program – where you find other Amazon’s services like Amazon Prime, Music Unlimited and more, and Amazon Promo Codes – the place for all of Amazon’s promos.
Amazon’s Help Centre will provide you with all the resources you need to succeed as an affiliate with Amazon, so ensure you check that out.

Driving traffic to your site

Having traffic is critical if you’re going sell products or services through your affiliate link. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic, but we recommend focusing on these three:
1. Create awesome content that resonates with your readers and compels them to make a purchase:
This is how you build trust with your readers and guide them through making a decision on what to purchase. If they trust your reviews enough, they will always want to check up on what you have to say before they purchase a product. Also, give your audience an in depth review on products, and compare them to similar products. This will open up a wide range of options for potential buyers who are looking out for advice on what to buy.
2. Identify influencers in your industry who have audiences you can reach:
Influencers are great for several reasons. First, they have large audiences of people who trust them and would be willing to listen to their recommendation when it comes to products. They can also help you refine your target audience and improve your content so that it’s even more relevant for them. For example, if you sell products that appeal more towards females, you should reach out to influencers who have a higher following of female readers/viewers/listeners.
3. Share your content on a number of social platforms:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and other social media platforms are useful for driving traffic because they allow you to share your content across a wide range of audiences. You should use both organic and paid efforts on these platforms in order to maximize your reach and exposure.
Ensure you adapt your content to every social media platform so that it becomes familiar to your prospective audience over there. For example, if you recently wrote a post about “the best pasta machines under $100”, be sure to create a video about the same thing if you want to post it on YouTube, or create pins on Pinterest that sell the same value.

Analyzing data

To become a savvy affiliate marketer, you must first learn how to analyze data effectively. The practice of analyzing statistics and numbers is crucial when it comes to marketing online. After all, knowing which products are converting well and which ones aren’t is critical in terms of deciding what kind of content your audience wants.
By looking at analytics and assessing your traffic sources, you can see where there are holes in your marketing efforts that need patching up or where there might be something that needs improvement in order for people to convert. Remember: When it comes to affiliate marketing, data is king!
To access your Amazon Associates data dashboard, click on “consolidated earning” or “earnings report” in your affiliates area. This can be found under the reports tab. The consolidated report gives you a summary of the sales and commission you have made, while the your earnings report provides full data and activity of all your sales, earnings and commissions within a period. You will also find links that are making the most sales. This will help you make adjustments to your links and content where necessary.
It is important to connect your website to other data analytic tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. This will provide more insight on how much traffic your site is getting and how you site is being found. Use these tools to succeed as an Amazon associate and beyond the program. You will soon find out that they are every marketers’/bloggers’ best companion!

Final thoughts

The most important thing to remember is that becoming an affiliate with Amazon is a journey. It takes patience, dedication and effort. Most importantly, you’ll need to develop your skills in SEO, content writing, and marketing to make it work because no one will succeed on just the product links. You can’t expect to rank high for competitive keywords overnight. Hang in there and keep trying!I hope these tips help you start making money as an Amazon affiliate. See you at the top!

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